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The world’s first global platform was built to highlight and elevate talented women for better opportunities. Coupled with our curated resource hub, we aim to educate women for continuous intellectual, professional, and financial growth and promote them to our consortium of decisions makers committed to equality.

HerWILL is a nonprofit organization. Your support enables us to accomplish our ambitious goals.

Our Offerings

Our offering includes various programs such as webinars, self-development, targeted learning, etc.

Our Accomplishments

Thanks to determination and tenacity we have earned a very deserved achievement.

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We also produce various videos that you can enjoy and learn through this platform for free.

About HerWILL
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About Us

The Gender Gap

Bringing women out of gender-biased roles is the precondition to achieving a gender-equal world. It is with this realization HerWILL originated and strives to achieve the True DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) where women are celebrated for their intellectual, creative, and professional contributions in an open, inclusive, and safe environment to succeed.

Our Productions

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We produce various categories of videos for you to enjoy and learn.

Life & Leadership

Video production program about Life & Leadership.


Video production program about HerWILL OBGYN.

Mental Health

Video production program about Mental Health.


Video production program about Fun VLOGs.


Video production program about Workshops.

Founder's Message

An Equal Opportunity

An equal opportunity world where women have the freedom to reach their true potential. We aim to educate, empower, and elevate women and girls to accelerate their economic empowerment and leadership by providing a global platform of resources for mentorships, financial literacy, STEM training, personal branding, and entrepreneurship.

HerWILL’s Cornerstones:

  • EDUCATE: Create awareness to break social barriers that hold women back.
  • EMPOWER: Give tools to succeed that are suitable for women’s unique situations.
  • ELEVATE: Build and grow global brands for incredibly brilliant women on the rise.
Farhana Hasan
Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

The Dreamers, Doers, and Decision-makers. These are the people who make magic happen on a daily basis.

Farhana Hasan

Founder and CEO

Nurjahan Rupa

Program Manager, Digital Marketing

Dr. Tahia Haque

Physician’s Outreach

(Dr.) Karolina Worf

Data Science, STEAM Outreach

Tanjina Islam

GA Advocacy Programs

Naaz Fahmida Ahsan

Social Programs

Shegufta Ghani

Program Management and Wellness

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HerWILL is a nonprofit organization. Your support enables us to accomplish our ambitious goals.

Reader's Nook

From the creative women of the world, live the work in our reading corner.

Amio Manush

অত্যাচারী পুরুষেরা শুনছো? আমিও তোমার মতো

Story of a Mother and Daughter

মাঝেমাঝে জীবন নামে ধাঁধার উত্তর খুঁজতে অতীতে ডুব দিতে হয়।

The Butterfly Plant

Tumi Jonaki

আমি আঁধার ঘন রাত কেমন জানি না দেখা হয়নি অপার্থিব জোছনা-

Life and Learning

জন্মদিনের সকালবেলা পুত্রের গার্লফ্রেন্ড এর কাছ থেকে প্রথম উপহার

Post Pandemic Skill Related Write-Up

We are in trying times all over the world. Many folks we know have been