A Letter to Dad

I am not expressive, I am your daughter, after all, I am just like you.
I know you realize how much I love you, even though I can’t show it well, just like you.
I thrive to be like you, just like you, my superhero, my idol, and the person I get the best treatment, lessons, training, and strength.
I am proud I have your genes in me, in this way I am just like you.
But it startles me these days to see my strong superhero come to me for help, asking me to send your mail, sort out your files, and make your phone easier for you. You ask me now to sort out the family finances, you were a banker! Why are you having trouble Dad? You are my superhero, you solve all my problems, and you are the solution to everything! How can I solve something which you are having trouble with? I am so confused, just like you!
But I have realized, I am not your baby princess anymore, though you treat me so. I am your companion, your shield, your support, and your solace. You don’t have to tell me, Dad, I understand, I am, after all, just like you.
I want to let you know, I’m here for you, you have taught me to be patient and strong, just like you. It’s now time for you to take it easy Dad, I am here, I got all bases covered, just like you.
You have been so patient and kind with me, it amazes me to have a father like you, just like you.
Thank you Dad for making me what I am today, but it is still a long way to go, to be just like you!
My heart is not big enough like yours yet, it’s impossible to love the way you love us, but I do love you with all my heart, just like you!

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