HerWILL Story “The Gender Gap”

Even in the 21st century, the inequalities in pay, workload, domestic duties, and caregiving responsibilities are staggering. Bringing women out of gender biased roles is the precondition to achieving a gender-equal world. It is with this realization HerWILL originated and strives to achieve the True DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) where women are celebrated for their intellectual, creative, and professional contributions in an open, inclusive, and safe environment to succeed.

About HerWILL
Vision and Mission HerWill
Vision & Mission

Discover the World of Women's Empowerment

Our Vision:

An equal opportunity world where women have the freedom to reach their true potential.

Our Mission:

Educate, empower, and elevate women and girls to accelerate their economic empowerment and leadership by providing a global platform of resources for mentorships, financial literacy, STEM training, personal branding, and entrepreneurship.

Our Objectives

A Very Important Goals


Celebrate women’s journeys through their shared stories


Empower women to achieve equality at home and outside


Support, collaborate, and create opportunities


Enrich women through knowledge and experience sharing


Create a network of different interest groups and professions


Unite through positivity and genuine concerns

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

The Dreamers, Doers, and Decision-makers. These are the people who make magic happen on a daily basis.

Farhana Hasan

Founder and CEO

Nurjahan Rupa

Program Manager, Digital Marketing

Dr. Tahia Haque

Physician’s Outreach

(Dr.) Karolina Worf

Data Science, STEAM Outreach

Tanjina Islam

GA Advocacy Programs

Naaz Fahmida Ahsan

Social Programs

Shegufta Ghani

Program Management and Wellness

Support Our Cause

HerWILL is a nonprofit organization. Your support enables us to accomplish our ambitious goals.

Our Advisors

Global Advisory Council

Champions of Equality who Make Dreams Come True

Director, ATDC, GA Institute of Technology
Our Partners

Organizations that Believe in Us

One of our biggest strengths is our partners with whom we collaborate to make HerWILL a conglomerate of impactful offerings. In a short period of time, they have understood our value proposition, believed in our mission, and committed to extending their resources to help build a robust platform.