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At HerWILL we believe that we cannot wait any more for gender equality. That is why we have hit the ground running since our inception.

So, Your support enables us to accomplish our ambitious goals.


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Top countries served: United States, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada

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HerWILL is a nonprofit organization. Your support enables us to accomplish our ambitious goals.

Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments So Far

Break Down Barriers

25 Monthly Programs covering: Life and Leadership, Mental Health, and Reproductive Health. 15 VLOGs on travel, social stigma, music, and mental health.

Bring out Hidden Talents

500+ creatives produced by members and promoted on HerWILL social media Highly qualified Cognitive Behavior Scholars are building a groundbreaking Success Factor Test.

Build and Grow Personal Brands

Build and Grow Personal Brands

6 HerWILL women given exposure to their brands Launched the weekly Feminae Invicta videos to celebrate women’s success stories. 10 Stories produced so far.

Targeted Learning and Mentoring

Collaborating with renowned global online education platforms to over free or discounted world-class education to HerWILL members 10 Financial Literacy Courses and 2 Masterclasses on Psychotherapy are in development.

Opportunities for Financial Freedom

Initiated Business Promotion program for female entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. Partnerships with 3 renowned US organizations to provide free trainings to HerWILL Members.

Usher More Women into STEM

Usher More Women into STEM

Usher More Women into STEM. Led the first-ever Datathon in Bangladesh with Data Science experts from 4 continents. Awarded 3 scholarships for online courses on Data Science.

HerWILL Messages

HerWILL Messages To Make Aware and Inspire

HerWILL A Gateway to Success
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Unequal Rights of Women in an Equally Divided World
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The World and Women - Who Saves Whom?
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Let's Talk Mental health with Shegufta
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