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Life and Leadership

Life & Leadership

Video production program about Life & Leadership.


Video production program about HerWILL OBGYN.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Video production program about Mental Health.

Femina Invicta

Video production program about Femina Invicta.


Video production program about Fun VLOGs.


Video production program about Workshops.

Webinars and Online Discussions

If We Do Not Question, We Do Not Grow

Webinars and Online Discussions

Break Down Barriers

Most women around the globe are conditioned into thinking that their subpar human rights are deserved and destined. Traditions and conventional thinking are the primary reasons why equality is still a utopian dream.

To break this chain of conventional thinking, HerWILL offers webinars, online discussions, and masterclasses to conduct in-depth analysis and education on true gender equality. Our programs also offer tough conversations around crippling social issues that hold women back such as gender-based violence, mental health pandemic, and reproductive issues.


Bring Out Hidden Talents

Implicit Bias and Success Factor
Implicit Bias and Success Factor

What does success mean to you? What will it take for you to be successful in your own terms and definition?

Give us more information to build a ground-breaking test that takes into account many variables that will contribute to your success Understand your implicit biases and participate in a Harvard-led data psychometric test to find out where you stand on the spectrum.

Implicit Bias and Success Factor
Reader's nook

HerWILL believes that recognizing dormant talents and having the opportunity to express them is the first step towards self-empowerment. Creative Corner is set up to give avenues to recognize, express, and nurture women’s Creative, Intellectual and Professional talents. Express yourself in the writing space. Read what others have expressed.

Build and Grow Personal Brands

Knowledge Sharing by Subject Matter Experts

Build and Grow Personal Brands

HerWILL is committed to building personal brands for women who have a lot to offer to the world. We are currently doing it in three ways:

  • Accomplished subject matter experts around the world are sharing knowledge and expertise to question/discuss sociocultural, patriarchal, reproductive health, and common psychological issues specific to women while offering solutions to bring lasting results. In return, HW offers a multi-media platform that gives them exposure to a global audience to build their brands with access to new opportunities. (Webinars)
  • HerWILL produces small impactful video presentations of women who have overcome insurmountable struggles to reach top recognitions in their chosen fields. (Femina Envictae videos)
  • Our invited guests are top-notch talents well recognized for their contributions. By giving them a world stage, HerWILL elevates their brands for a greater reach.

Join HerWILL if you want to share your expertise within your domain.

Build and Grow Personal Brands
Targeted Learning
Targeted Learning

Learning Materials

Targeted Learning

HerWILL offers on-demand training, masterclasses, and tutorials on unconventional topics that are not typically covered in the educational curriculum. We are currently focusing on:

  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Microsoft Office
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Science Basics
Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Programs

We are partnering with financial/development organizations to offer financial literacy programs to achieve economic independence. The certifications of these programs will add credibility to the entrepreneurs and their ventures. Financial literacy typically involves three stages:

  • Savings
  • Loans/Credits
  • Investment/Entrepreneurship

Opportunities for Financial Freedom

Data Science and other STEM

Usher More Women into STEM

HerWILL is aiming to develop a highly-skilled female talent pool in Data Science and other STEM fields for high-paying opportunities to accelerate their economic empowerment.

Usher More Women into STEM
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Datathons, Hackathons and Job Opportunities

Worldwide participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathethimatic) education by women is currently only half of their male counterparts. HerWILL is encouraging and creating opportunities for more women to enter STEM fields and make a mark. HerWILL has already conducted STEM-related workshops, Datathons, and Hackathons in 2020. New programs in collaboration with partners are underway for 2021 and the near future. Watch the video for the latest Datathon success.

HerWILL Messages

HerWILL Messages To Make Aware and Inspire

HerWILL A Gateway to Success
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Unequal Rights of Women in an Equally Divided World
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The World and Women - Who Saves Whom?
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Let's Talk Mental health with Shegufta
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