Elora Halim Chowdhury

Dr. Elora Halim Chowdhury

Associate Professor of Women's & Gender Studies, University of Massachusetts.

Summarized Bios:

Elora Halim Chowdhury is an Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her teaching and research interests include transnational feminisms, gender and development, violence, and human rights advocacy in South Asia. She received the National Women’s Studies Association Gloria Anzaldua book prize in 2012 for her book, Transnationalism Reversed: Women Organizing Against Gendered Violence in Bangladesh (SUNY Press, 2011). Elora has written essays, fiction, and creative nonfiction in journals and anthologies on a diverse variety of subjects, including violence, women’s organizing in the Global South, transnational feminist praxis, nationalism, history, migration, and Islam and gender politics in South Asia. Prior to joining UMass, Dr. Chowdhury worked for a range of philanthropic, development, and policy institutions including BRAC, UNICEF, and the Ford Foundation.

Professor of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies at University of Massachusetts Boston

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