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Choose a Good Partner (aka marry well) –

We have no control over our birth, and I completely recognize the fact that most of us in many parts of the world don’t have any choice over our life partner(s). But that’s one of the most critical success factors whether or not we want to recognize it. One mistake with differences in values, interests, goals, desires, and intellect, and we are doomed. Behind any successful woman (outside of the home), there’s probably a great man who believes in her, cheers her on, and is proud of her success. That man is usually a proud feminist, strong enough to be devoid of petty ego games, and equally or more successful. I’m in no way undermining the power of a single woman and my hats off to those amazing women who make it on their own. Those are my true heroes.

We could also argue that what women had done for centuries for their men, why would that be a special request when it comes to choosing our men? Well, news flash – we haven’t reached gender equality yet. Thus these discussions…

I’m saying that if you must get hitched, and have the option to choose, take your time. Think through your decision and thoroughly understand his vision for your future together and communicate your individual dreams and goals. If he is not supportive and has age-old expectations of your role, you may need to rethink by removing those rose-colored glasses. Love, lust, and butterflies, evaporate in less than three years (scientifically proven). What remains is the friendship, respect, and teamwork that hold a family or a couple together.

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