Happy Women’s Day to All The Amazing Women Out There

On this women’s day, I want to share my two cents on a very common social stigma that is widely out there in our society. I can vouch for the fact that hardly there would be any girl in our society raised by a brown family who for at least once in their lifetime hadn’t gone through these,

“No dear, you can’t travel alone”.


“No daughter, you can travel to your heart’s content once you’re married off but before that, we can’t let you go for solo travel or with friends”.

There are enormous souls out there who had to give up on their dreams just because of these highly practicing norms. In fact, I personally do know a lot of girls, who, I can not tell you guys enough how much they love to travel, but only because of this family and societal pressure, they don’t even dare utter their passion for traveling. What might be the reasons that these beliefs are still out there even in 2020? Is it because our parents have no trust in us? Mostly no! It’s just because they are worried about our safety. And now at this stage of my life when I’m dealing with my mind 20’s, I know where the fear comes from and how accurate it is! Yes, the humans of this society are not safe for us girls. But just because society is not ready to provide security, should we keep sacrificing our dreams? They fear that, if we step outside our lives might be at stake, but dear, if you stay inside giving up on your dreams, you yourself are letting yourself die from the inside, and when one’s soul dies, what would you do with that outer side keeping it alive making the surroundings happy?

So yes, no matter what, don’t step back, keep fighting and keep making your dreams come true, the path is slippery, yes it is undoubtedly, but this slippery path would take you to the most beautiful destination of your life one day, and that day if none but you yourself would clap for you and be so proud of yourself that it would be nothing short of a tear-jerker moments for you and your dreams would say to you, “Thank you, girl, for not giving up on us”.

Until that day happens, keep fighting, shinning like a midnight star, traveling, and on top of everything else, keep smiling and breathing happily

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