How To Use Better Words

Not a single word we utter, vanishes into thin air. They lodge into a person’s mindscape, giving it a desirable or undesirable texture. With time people forget about all kind and unkind words said to them, but those words unknowingly shaped their minds.

People who received more positive words develop a mind which enjoys life and lets others enjoy it as well. People who are unfortunate get acidic minds. Some of them become hurtful to others. Others, even though deciding to be good become unable to enjoy the mellow side of life completely.

So if we want to have positive surroundings, we can be a little cautious about what we say. Maybe we had a bad day and we just act out and add to someone else’s misery and forget all about it. Maybe we are just trying to feel like a winner for a moment and attack a person with a mean comment and all is forgotten after a while. Sometimes we are trying to manipulate someone. We never know how deep the dent that we are making is. That beautiful mind may lose its texture and change into a coarse one.

Let’s remember nothing said vanishes into nothing. We should be a little bit generous when we talk. So that we can have beautiful minds with the most exquisite textures to keep us warm in our winters of life. Because winters are in store for all of us.

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