I will talk about something today that I’m seeing in a lot of places, especially my personal Instagram after I posted a TikTok style video. And I think it’s high time that I address this. I truly believe that we as women need to stand up for each other regardless of our race, ethnicity, class, or religion. So here are my two cents directly from my page. Forgive me it’s a bit wordy.

I’m here to address something that I’m seeing in a lot of people lately. We talk about empowering women but then we take a second to diss one. Why though? Why can’t we show compassion and support toward someone who is asking for it? A lot of people have questioned Meghan Markle’s authenticity. They called her a liar, and attention seeker, accusing her of sharing her dirty laundry and the list goes on. I’m seeing a lot of this in my own space (deleted them btw). Let’s address some of the accusations.

Let’s assume she is a liar, do you have any proof of that or are you basing that on tabloids and news outlets that are heavily biased? Are you someone whose first instinct is to accuse someone of lying when they’re sharing a problem? Would you have believed her more if the news outlets would’ve mentioned that she was going through a lot of problems in the palace? I want you to think about this.

Now let’s talk about attention seeking. You have to understand one thing, for years and centuries, we women are not allowed to speak up about abuse. We are always taught to endure it. Can you imagine how long she had to stay quiet? It is only now, when she feels safe enough, that she is talking about all of it openly. Isn’t it a good thing that she is bringing attention to a serious situation? This scenario is so common with so many women that I think she is setting a good example for the ones who are abused and staying quiet. We need people to be brave enough to speak. It’s shameful when other women then accuse these of attention-seeking.

As for dirty laundry, the royal household is not anything private anymore. Too often we shelter the abuser in the name of shame or society. Why though? This is a serious issue and oppressors need to be put in their place. It’s high time we speak out.

Now saying that, if you don’t agree with Meghan, then at least be human enough to not blindly accuse her without any concrete proof. Because God forbid, if she is correct, would you be able to forgive yourself?

I just want to end by saying this. Racism is not okay. Just because she should’ve expected it doesn’t make it okay. Just because it has been going on for decades DOES NOT make it okay.

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