Rejections in Life

“Rejections Can’t Decide Your Victory/ Defeat”

One might get rejected the first place in his/her school for the parents not being able to meet the criteria of the admission test.

One might get rejected after passing the written test for the job interview just because he/she could not speak smartly in the viva.

One might get rejected as a contestant while giving a screen test as an artist, because of nervousness that he/she could not give 100%.

One might get rejected while proposing the person he/she can die for just because the opposite person doesn’t find the latter to be the ideal life partner.

In every stage of life, we have stories of rejection. Some are untold, some are painful and some give a new way to see the world in a better perception. Now you are to decide whether you would be a winner or a loser!

Never forget that we are the people who create histories. Rejections can’t stop you! Shedding tears is normal, but sticking to the past, lamenting for rejections, asking thyself, “why me?” – these are all acts of folly.

Get up and work hard! Your life is as precious as any legend. You may never know, where you would be standing after a decade. For this:

  • you need to believe in yourself first
  • next you need to upgrade yourself
  • be visionary
  • set goals
  • say goodbye to laziness
  • embrace opportunities
  • do your work passionately and with dedication
  • Share your triumphs with the team you work with
  • show your gratitude to the people who care for you
  • never regret your loss, as it is a part of life.

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