A guide to save your dry winter skin!

The weather is changing and you probably focus on organizing clothes and wardrobes for winter. Now let us try the same with a skin care regimen. If you want to flaunt glowing radiant skin this winter follow these super simple tips and reap tremendous skin rewards.

Diversify your moisturization

The moisture and humidity in the air affect the balance of hydration in your skin. Dry skin is more prone to allergies and irritation and infection. Time-releasing moisturizer is a new approach to skin hydration treatment. It penetrates the skin slowly and helps to preserve moisture all day long. Skin’s hydration boost from your shower’s proteolytic enzyme lasts only about three minutes; make sure that you moisturize your whole body just after the bath to seal your moisture lock.

Your neglected part of the body like the elbow, knee, ankle, and sole demand extra hydration. A moisturizer loaded with a lipid-replenishing agent like petroleum jelly, glycerine, olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are good options. When you moisturize your face, do not forget your lips and eyes. A good night under eye cream will pamper your skin around the eye area and lip balm will soothe your chapped lips in this cold season.

Refresh with a facial mask

A good multitasking facial mask juggles three jobs — revive, restore, and protection. Consistently using a gentle hydrating facial mask will remove dead cells and brighten skin tone. With the store shelves overflowing with different brands, choosing the right mask to meet your skin’s needs can be tricky. Lift your skin to a new level of health with a facial mask containing collagen, alpha hydroxy acid, and fruit extract.

Use antioxidant-boosting serum

It is an additional step in your winter beauty care routine. Serum-containing idebenone helps boost collagen production to prevent wrinkles, and dryness and has skin firming properties. Try antioxidant serum this winter and get that baby softness you want.

Hydrate from the inside out

In winter your skin poses a unique set of challenges which is best managed internally as well as externally. If you are seeking a more refreshing hydrating treat the infusion water is ideal. Drink nutrient-rich coconut water that magically removes signs of tired winter skin.

A guided meal plan

Eat something preferably healthy, including healthy fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that give you energy and will fill you up from the inside. Fish, nuts, beans, eggs, homemade sour yogurt, cottage cheese, and green leafy vegetables are must-have food on your winter diet menu.

Slather on a sunscreen

The sun is certainly less intense in winter but ultraviolet rays do not take cold daybreak. Keep your attention on sunscreen. This will give your skin a boost of deep-down protection. Wear sunscreen that is suitable for damp months, It will slow down the skin aging clock to leave us with a well-moisturized glow and shield against UV rays.

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